"Anakkara Vadakath " house was built in 1896 by a retired government official who was also a landlord. The house is steeped in history and the ancestral home of many illustrious people like Ammu Swaminathan who was a Member of Parliament in the very first constituent assembly of Free India, which framed the constitution of India. Captain Laxmi Sahgal who was an active member of the " Indian National Army", Mrinalini Sarabhai the famous danceuse and Mr. Govind Swaminathan a famous Barrister in Madras are her children. Another political stalwart from this family was A.V. Kuttimaluamma who took part in the Freedom struggle and your hostess " Susheela " a very interesting and charming grandmother who took part in the Quit India movement.

Stepping into this venerable old house, one is transported into a bygone era and the old lifestyle of the landed gentry in Kerala. Eclectic yet grand in its simplicity, your sojourn at Anakkara Vadakath offers a rare insight into the feudalistic past of Kerala and is an unique experience.



The house has been built in the typical style of the Hindu Nair tharavads of Kerala with plenty of aesthetically carved woodwork and a central open courtyard " Nallukettu ", around which the quaint wood fired kitchen and dining area are positioned. There is a wide, covered verandah that runs around the entire house and the large, traditional bathing pond in the property is typical of Hindu homes and is still used by both the family members and the villagers. You could also try your hand at fishing here as the pond has plenty of fresh water fish.



The vast tree shaded grounds have a variety of tropical fruit bearing trees like the Jackfruit, Mango, Arecanut palms and Coconut groves. The Paddy fields are located a little away from the house and during harvest watching the women carry sheafs of cut Paddy on their heads to the house to thresh it with their feet - is a fascinating experience for people used to modern farming methods. Nestling among the tall trees there is a small Snake temple, where every evening the family lights an oil wick lamp and the gardens are also home to a wide variety of local birds.



The old- world charm, serene surroundings and interesting hostess make this an idyllic getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Activities :

Boat cruise in a country craft on the Bharathapuzha river.
Visit the ruins of an ancient temple site.
Bird watching at the gazebo in the gardens.
Visit the local temple - Non Hindus are not allowed inside the temple precincts.
Leisurely walks through the surrounding village and paddy fields.
During Harvest time - take part in threshing the paddy and spreading out the grain to dry.
Day trip to the famous Ayurveda hospital at Kottakal and visit to the Herbal garden.