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Gourmet Holidays on the Malabar Coast
Malabar was the epicenter of the Spice routes of yore and in Kerala these native spices are used not only to flavour the unique, regional cuisine but also as a preservative in Pickles / chutneys and believe it or not in the healing herbal Ayurvedic oils.

Tellicherry - a small town in the North Malabar, was once the largest and most famous trading centre for spices, especially Pepper the most favoured and sought after spice in Europe. "Tellicherry Pepper" can still be bought of the supermarket shelves in Europe and is renowned for its pungency and flavour!!

The Kerala coastline, especially Malabar has always been rich in Spices and fresh Seafood and no other community makes better use of this natural bounty than the "Mopillahs" - the Muslims of the North Kerala. Fresh Prawns, Shrimp, Crab, Mussles & Oysters are served up in sumptuous sauces and spicy curries. Also common vegetables, a wide variety of rice and meat dishes - all delicately flavoured with the famed spices and coconuts of Malabar. Last but not least are the wide variety of unusual Desserts and snacks without which no Malabari feast would be complete.

Now you can rediscover the rich heritage of this region and the flavours of traditional Kerala cuisine at "Ayesha Manzil" a beautiful old Heritage home in Tellicherry.

A holiday here combines the best of the Malabar coastline - the fascinating ambience of this villa set ion a hillock overlooking the Arabian Sea, a private swimming pool, sunny weather, a fantastic 6 km long unpolluted beach, fresh home grown tropical fruit - papayas, chikoos, bullock hearts and jackfruit & mangoes during the season and fantastic food. One of the highlights of your holiday here are visits to the colourful and fascinating local spices, vegetable and fish markets, where for a change you can buy fresh spices.

Your hostess Ms. Faiza Moosa who will teach you the secrets of making good, authentic curries, is a well known culinary expert in Kerala Muslim cuisine and a week long holiday here will turn you too, into a Gourmet - Curry chef.

By train - Tellicherry station
By air - Calicut Airport ( 2½ hours drive )

For more details contact:-
Sundale Vacations Pvt Ltd. Cochin

1 week sample itinerary
All meals with beer
Wine available on request - limited variety. (1 red & 1 white)
All transfers and S/S trips. Non A/c car.
5 Cooking classes
Seasonal regional festivals etc.

Day 1:
Arrival and transfer to home. Welcome drink and relax. Dinner is an elaborate and special meal.

Day 2:
AM presentation of ingredients and utensils used. Tour of local market. Lunch - siesta. Afternoon class - cooking with coconut and spices etc and then Dinner.

Day 3:
Morning guided tour of Cinnamon plantation & weaving centres where you can see and buy exclusive cotton household linen and furnishing materials.
Afternoon class - Meat dishes. Dinner.

Day 4:
Morning ½ day trip to the beach. Afternoon class - Rice dishes with fish and meat. Dinner

Day 5:
AM visit the local fish market to buy Mussels, Clams, Oysters, Prawns, Seer fish, Mackerel etc. for the cooking class. Afternoon class. Dinner.

Day 6:
AM tour to the local spices & vegetable market. Afternoon - vegetable cooking class. Evening - cultural show etc. Dinner.

Day 7:
AM check out and transfer to Calicut Airport.

End -of-Tour